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Here is a sampling of of my stories. Two have been translated into English from the original Maltese, and one written originally in English. One of the stories has a Maltese version that can also be read here.

Those stories that I write that are not for children tend to be quite stream-of-consciousness and character driven. When writing in Maltese, I wallow in the sound of the words and often create what I would describe as "tone-poetic-prose", the melody of the language often reflecting the thoughts and feelings of the characters.

My characters are often unnamed, because, though rounded and intended to be individuals, they explore emotions, dilemmas and other feelings (at times even happy ones, though that's the exception rather than the rule) that are easily corresponded to. So, in one sense only, they become everyman and everywoman.

The examples here are not necessarily typical, but do give an idea of how I like to write when I have the time to do so.

Story 1: How much does a baby cost? A short story for Christmas

Story 2: Happiness?

Story 3: A Roaring, Silent World


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