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Here are some links that are most definitely worth checking out. Go ahead and click...

University of Malta

The official website of the only University on the island of Malta - an institution that is over 500 years old and still carries out its duties excellently (but I'm biased!).


My student resource site

A site under perpetual construction intended to provide notes, unit descriptions, etc. which I hope my University students find useful.


Marie Louise Kold

A brilliant and highly successful Danish artist who lives and works in Sweden and who just happens to be my partner. She works with intransigent metal that she then turns into marvellous works of art that are colourful, vibrant and change in mood and feeling with angle and light. She has also made portraits from thousands of patinated squares. A couple of critical pieces I wrote in 2003 and 2005 about her work are run on her website.



What can be said about this link? It's my island home...


Lambiek Comiclopedia

A Dutch based resource for all comic fans all over the world. Sorry, but this link leads directly to MY page on the Comiclopedia. You can always click on home and go to all the other comic artists.


Trevor Żahra

Malta's undisputedly BEST writer/illustrator of children's books ... and a good guy to know. Trevor is one of my best friends, but that does not seem to stop him from being the best at what he does. He is also a writer for adults (in all senses of the word!), a poet, a playwright (his comedies and pantos are a legend in Malta), and also tells a mean joke or two! His excellent website is a sincere tribute to his art and marvellous work.


Charles Casha

One of the first Maltese authors to write and publish books for children. And also one of the best still writing and publishing today. Very few are unaware of his delightful character "Fra Mudest". Charles is also a writer for adults and was one of my colleagues on the National Book Council when I was chairman.


Marisa Attard

She's one of Malta's best illustrators. With her cartoony, fluid style, she captivates young and old alike. The books and magazines she has illustrated have ended up being colourful and VERY attractive. And she has a good site, too. She was also a member of the National Book Council when I chaired it.


Andrew Micallef

Andrew has GOT to be the most meticulous graphic artist EVER, ANYWHERE! And he is technically BRILLIANT (sorry for all the capital letters, but just check out his site and you'll understand why I'm using so many). He is best at renditions of anything natural. AND can play a nifty ditty on the accordian (which is an understatement).


Tony C. Cutajar

An old friend and one of Malta's most prolific writers for children. I helped Tony edit the children's magazine in English The Young Falcon many, many, MANY years ago. One of the stories I wrote which were serialised in it became my Avventura Taħt l-Art book.


Carmel G. Cauchi

Carm is a prolific children's writer, a gentle soul, an educator, and an all-round nice guy that I have known and collaborated with for many years.


L-Akkademja tal-Malti

The highest authority on the Maltese language now has its own site on the net, and it's a mine of information!


The Times and The Sunday Times of Malta

Malta's best selling daily and Sunday papers. The Sunday edition used to carry my socio-political comic strip between 1993 and 2008.


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