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Personal Communications and Personal Branding


Personal Communication skills are essential must-haves for anyone, but particularly for those who come in frequent contact with people in their work, studies, or just in their everyday lives. In most cases, what is needed is the creation of the personal brand, also based on the ability to communicate well with other people.


Ġorġ Mallia has lectured in this area for many years, delving deep into the essentials of communications practice, as well as into the elements within the individual that need to be analysed, understood and utilised for personal communication skills to be fully in place.




(1) understanding the representation of the self, resolving problems with speech, appearance, self-projection, clarity and sequencing of thought structures, as well as issues of consistency;


(2) understanding an audience and its needs;


(3) understanding the channels or media through which, or with the help of which the brand message is communicated, utilising to advantage the physical communications contexts (halls, conference rooms, etc);


(4) understanding how to create a cohesive unity in brand elements communications;


(5) understanding verbal and non-verbal communication skills – how to use them and how to read them in others;


(6) understanding other elements that enhance, or just continue the drive of personal communications, for e.g. print presentations, e-mail layout, website design, etc.


Personal Comms


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