Ġorġ Mallia

Author, cartoonist and communications academic

Ġorġ Mallia's new book of verse on sale here

Ġorġ Mallia's poetic works have never been published before. Now, a selection of the verse he has written at intervals between 1979 and 2019 has just been published in book form. The book, My love had eyes of blue and dreams – Verses of love and pain is divided into four sections: 1) Seventies, Eighties Nineties; 2) Tmeninijiet u Disgħinijiet – Versi bil-Malti; 3) Two Thousands; 4) Epilogu (that only contains one work).


The paperback book is 96 pages long, and is printed on thick, matte stock. It contains 69 poems, 25 of which are in Maltese and 44 in English. It is a selection of verse that is predominately emotional in nature, exploring the intricacies of relationships, their breakdowns and the resultant fallout. The verse is raw and honest and spans four decades, presented here in chronological order. It maps Ġorġ Mallia's emotional odyssey throughout forty years of life.


The book is available to buy directly from the author. If the buyer is willing to collect the book, the price per copy is €6. If, however, the preference is to receive the book by post, €1.85 needs to be added for postage, making each copy €7.85. Payment can be made by cheque, payable to Ġorġ Mallia and sent by post, in person if the book is to be collected, or by bank transfer to either an HSBC or a BOV account. Payment can also be made by means of Revolut.


Please order your copy by sending an e-mail with your details to info@gorgmallia.com, or by sending a personal message by means of Facebook Messenger. Details about bank accounts, and a receiving address for cheques, etc, will be sent to you in return. Please do not forget to indicate whether you are willing to collect the book yourself (from Msida), or would prefer to have it sent to you by post.


Since only a limited number of copies have been printed, the book will be sold on a first come, first served basis.


An interview with Ġorġ Mallia about his verse can be found HERE.


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