Ġorġ Mallia

Author, cartoonist and communications academic

Click on the cover image to download a free copy of Melanie and Karl's Enchanted Adventure (book in English for children) in .pdf format


Click HERE for the Maltese version of this book.

All Maltese and Gozitan schools have closed down because of a pandemic caused by a cruel virus that has infected all countries in the world. Melanie and Karl, too, have ended up at home with their parents, not knowing what to do with their time, although Melanie really likes to read.


She recounts to her brother the story she is reading... about a girl called Katie who buys an old book which, however, has no printing in it. But the book sings to her and takes her to a place away from our world.


Then, suddenly, Katie and the old book visit Melanie. And that is were a story full of fantasy starts, in which the children face dangers and fantastic adventures.


And they learn something about themselves that they definitely had never known before.


A book written by author and illustrator Ġorġ Mallia specifically to be given away free as an e-book gift to all Maltese and Gozitan children who are home because of the school closures. The Maltese version of the book went viral. This English translation is in response to multiple requests.


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