Ġorġ Mallia

Author, cartoonist and communications academic

After Il-Komik published 9 issues in 1983-1984, Frankie Cachia of Masterprint, who were publishing and printing the comic, asked me to work on a special project, using the character I had created for Il-Komik, the science fiction based "Il-Kaċċatur". Masterprint were well known for their exercise books for schoolchildren, and Frankie wanted something different for the covers of a special edition of "The Graduate" exercise books they were printing. I came up with three full colour stories for "Il-Kaċċatur", each one two pages long, starting on the front cover of the exercise book and continuing on the back. This was a time before computers and Photoshop, so all effects are created physically by air-brush, and the colouring done "the hard way", using coloured inks and acrylics. Fun. This is the first of the stories, collated into one long strip and relettered.



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